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VX30 Copper Mask

Reusable / Washable up to 30 TIMES!!

Comfortable and Odorless

99.9% Anti-bacterial


Patented Korean Respirator


With its self-sanitizing feature, this mask is made from a Korean patented copper-infused fabric designed to provide optimal protection to neutralize bacteria and prevent its spread for up to 30 days! Strong Antimicrobial Copper Protection – The VX-30 Advanced Copper Mask incorporates the antimicrobial function of Copper as the mask’s fabric is woven with patented copper sulfate yarn. It is also developed with far infrared technology. Functionality Meets Great Style – The VX-30 Advanced Copper Mask’s sleek design contours to the features of the nose and mouth, ensuring a snug and seamless fit at all times of the day. This ergonomic mask design also comes in 2 sizes that are sure to fit a variety of face sizes. Washable and Eco-friendly – The VX-30 Advanced Copper Mask remains effective up to 30 days after opening and can be washed after every use.