TritanMed TritanPro Advanced 420 Air Purifier


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Model: TM-TP-420

Brand: Tritan Med 


Air Volume: 420 cubic meter / hour
Coverage Area: 60-100 square meter
Voltage: Alternating Current 220 Volts
Power: 99 Watts
Negative-Ion Output: 2×10⁷pcs/cm³
Ozone Output: 500mg/h
Dimension: 680 x 400 x 240 mm

Color: White 

Condition: New 


effectively kills TVOC, Polien, formaidehyde, Ammonia, dust, smoke, Benzene, Bacteria and Viruses



•Intelligent Monitoring
•Multi-Layer Filters
•LCD Touch Screen
•Full Purification
•Elegant Design
•Magnetic Adsorption
•Back Handle
•Auto Power Off
•Remote Controlled


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