Flat tile, diamond brand, Adamas model, size 33 x 42 cm. (Atlantic gray Color).


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  • Diamond tile, Adamas model, smooth type
  • Made from high quality concrete provide strength and durability
  • Designed to have a large water barrier. Help prevent water from flowing back.
  • The large core increases the load. and side rails to prevent leakage between the sheets
  • Spray paint with Wet on Wet system. The color penetrates the product well and provides long lasting.
  • Has been certified for industrial product standards (TIS. 535-2556)
  • Should study the product installation information carefully
  • Use self-drilling screws, 2 inches long, to fix the tiles. Amount of usage 1 piece/1 tile
  • The collection should be stored in the warehouse. Don’t be exposed to rain because the overlapping tiles will cause white stains on the tiles.

Technical information

  • Amount of use: 10-11 sheets/sq.m.
  • Recommended slope for installation: 30 degrees or more
  • Batten distance : The first batten is 33 cm. and the next is 32-34 cm.
  • Diamond Patten Thickness : 0.7 mm.
  • How to install the roof cover: dry cover system