Diamond CT tile, diamond brand, size 33 x 42 cm, (Snow Gray Color).


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  • Concrete roof tile model CT Diamond
  • Made from quality concrete Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Gran Onda corrugation or banana leaf pattern It has a concave shape, drains water quickly, and the height of the curls is 2.9 cm.
  • Designed to have 2 lines of water barrier rails and 3 layers of water barrier lotus to perfectly prevent the backflow of rainwater.
  • It has high strength according to TIS. 535-2556 standard with 2 cores supporting the load.
  • Use a dry cover installation system, diamond brand or sand mortar.
  • Should study the installation information correctly before installing.
  • Do not use cement-sand paint directly on the tile or cover.
  • Storage should be stored in the shade with a roof. Or have something to cover the tiles to not be exposed to the rain.
  • Stacking must not overturn the tiles while stacking. and should not stack more than 40 tiles

Technical information

  • Amount of use: 10 – 11 sheets/sqm.
  • Batten distance : the first 33 cm. and the next 32 – 34 cm.
  • Recommended slope for installation: 17 degrees or higher.