Diamond CT sidewall, Diamond brand, size 15.5 x 42 cm. (Guppy Orange Color).


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  • Wall Covering, Model CT Diamond
  • Used to cover the side of the tile that hits the wall.
  • Made from quality concrete, strong, resistant to all weather conditions
  • Beautiful color, fresh, long lasting, does not fade quickly
  • Has been certified according to industrial product standards TIS 2619-2556
  • Amount of application 3 sheets/meter

Technical information

  • Should study the product installation information carefully
  • Do not use cement-sand paint directly on the tile or cover.
  • Use self-drilling screws, 3 inches long, to fix the cover, the amount of use is 1 pc/1 cover sheet
  • The collection should be stored in the warehouse. Do not be exposed to rain because tiles or covers that are overlaid will cause white stains on the product sheet.
  • Stacking must not overturn the tiles or cover them while stacking. and should not stack tiles or cover more than 40 tiles high