Decorative cover, closing the hem, five rings, Trilon model, size 18 x 59 x 9 cm. (Green Pearl Platinum Color).


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  • Decorative cover, closed with five rings, installed with Trilon roof tiles
  • Used to continue from the last side cover. roof wind area
  • Made from quality fiber cement through production from a standardized factory
  • Special 2-layer coating technology provides dense, long-lasting color.
  • Increase pearl luster 2 times thicker, beautiful color, clear, beautiful, 3 times more durable than before.
  • Mixed with Silver Nano black mold preventing the occurrence of mold for a long time.
  • Safe without asbestos ingredients that are harmful to health.
  • Has been certified for quality production standards TIS 1407-2540
  • Amount of usage 1 sheet/point

Technical information

  • Should study the installation information correctly before installing.
  • Storage should be stored in the shade with a roof. Or have something to cover the tiles to not be exposed to the rain.
  • In case of stacking as a pallet It is recommended to use sleepers to place on the lower floor tiles.
  • in case of no pallet should be stacked no more than 120 sheets per set