4-way curved ridge, Contro Oran, size 15 x 41 x 41 cm. (Bronze Color).


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  • Oran 4-way curved ridge, a device for use as a 4-way roof ridge separator
  • Made from high quality concrete, thick texture, strong, thatch fits well with tiles.
  • Through Double Coated technology Increase paint adhesion on tiles helps the color to stick firmly
  • The thickness of the color is uniform on every sheet, the color is fresh, durable, not fading quickly.
  • Resistant to all weather conditions provide a long service life
  • Has been certified TIS 2619-2556
  • Amount of usage 1 sheet/1 point

Technical information

  • Before use, there should be a proper preparation procedure. and study the installation information thoroughly
  • The ridge of the corrugated roof tiles must be in the same line. Therefore, it will cover the tiles beautifully and not leak.
  • Drilling should be done with a drill for drilling tiles. And cutting should use a saw for cutting tiles.
  • Safety equipment should be worn. to prevent accidents from work
  • The collection should be stored in the warehouse. Don’t be exposed to rain because the overlapping tiles will cause white stains on the tiles.